Friday, 23 December 2016

Last minute gifts: Too cool for a Christmas hat hat.

I designed this hat thinking about my crazy nephews who range in age between toddler and teenager, all are completely crazy and unique, I wanted to make hats for them that would be comfortable, festive (but not too festive) and most importantly that they might actually wear (even if its just for a quick family photo!)

Yarn : Drops Andes or any yarn with an approximate gauge of 10 sts and 14 rows to 10 cm
Needles : 9mm double pointed needles
Extras: pom pom ( or make one using a pom pom maker or some card)
Time: 1-2 hours
Skills: basic - knit in the round and long tail tubular cast on 
long tail tubular cast on by Ysolda Teague (this is also a super quick cast on method as well as making for a great stretchy edge)
Sizes: Toddler ( kid , Teen)

Using tubular cast on method, cast on 36 (40, 46)
Join in the round
work K1 P1 rib for 6 rows
Work in stocking stitch (knit) till hat measures
6" (7" 9")  ( 15cm, 18cm, 23cm)
on Toddler and teen sizes k2 tog at end of last row

next round: K3 K2tog, repeat to end
Work 3 rows stocking stitch (knit)
Next round: K2 K2tog, repeat to end
Work 2 rounds stocking stitch
Next round: K1 K2tog, repeat to end
Work 1 row
Next round: K2tog repeat to end
Break yarn and thread through remaining stitches secure tightly and sew in loose ends
Make a pom pom using either a pom pom maker or some card to make a pom pom and sew securely on the top

Enjoy! You should have time to make at least one of these whilst watching a Christmas movie, this year our favourite movie is Arthur Christmas or as Ruby calls it the man with the googly eye slippers and the little elf.  

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